Carol M. Shiels, P.E., CPG
P.O. Box 1193
Kaufman, Texas 75142

Cell Phone (214) 549-1986


Princeton University 1976-1980
Princeton, New Jersey
BSE: Geological Engineering

Work Experience:

Shiels Engineering, Inc. 2003-Present
Kaufman, Texas
(Certified Woman or Minority Owned Business HUB & NCTRCA )
Kaufman, TexasPrincipal Consulting Geologist & Engineer

Consultant in Oil & Gas and Geological Engineering
Operations. Hopewell Operating continues to be a client with ongoing
responsibilities of day to day operations. Extensive operations in East Texas,
Permian Basin and Southeast Kansas. Environmental compliance work on SPCCs and
air emissions inventories as a Professional Engineer. Other clients include
Howell Oil & Gas and others. Consulting on an as-needed basis from prospect
generation and evaluation, drilling operations, completion to regulatory

Michael H. Shelby/Hopewell Operating

Dallas, Texas

Geologist & Geological Engineer

Technical operations for a small independent Oil &
Gas Operator. Developing acreage with in-field wells. Reservoir analysis,
calculating reserves, proposing, drilling and evaluating wells. Extensive
Railroad Commission hearings and testimony regarding field operations and
regulatory compliance.

Marshall Exploration 1982-1986

Marshall, Texas

Geologist & Geological Engineer

Generating prospects, evaluating acreage, log
analysis, coring, logging and drill stem testing. Seismic mapping, structural
and stratigraphic interpretation, quality checks, organization of geophysical

Schlumberger Well Services 1980-1982

Shreveport, Louisiana

Field Engineer & Senior Field Engineer

Running logs, detailed log interpretation on
location and in the client’s office. Geological implementation of log data into
the client model.

Experience Summary

Ms. Shiels is a Registered Professional Engineer
(TX#69699) and a Certified Petroleum Geologist (#5141). She is a member of the
Society of Professional Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) and a current National Board
Member of the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES). Ms.
Shiels combines her geologic expertise of reservoir geometries and depositional
environments with the implementation of engineering evaluation and practice. Her
thirty three (33) years of operations superimposes an understanding of practical
feasibility. Ms. Shiels has been the main technical guidance for several
independent operators during the course of her career. Her communications skills
enable her client’s staff to work efficiently together.

Professional Accomplishments

Oil & Gas Mineral Evaluations

  • Developed 28 yrs of in-field drilling
    operations in the Waskom Field, Harrison County, TX
  • Evaluate deep potential
    and development of PUD’s in the multiple East TX Field
  • Development of Cotton Valley wells in Blocker
    Field Development in Lower Cretaceous wells in
    Woodlawn and Gooch Fields, Harrison County, TX.

Well Log Geologic and Engineering Evaluations

  • Log analysis and completion evaluation of
    pinnacle reef wells and Woodbine/EagleFord in Leon and Robertson Counties.
  • Log analysis and geologic summaries for numerous wells in throughout East Texas
  • Geology and steering of directional and
    horizontal wells. Well planning and completion in Travis Peak, Cotton Valley
    , Pennsylvanian coals and Woodbine

Prospect Generation

  • Marion, Harrison, Panola & Rusk Counties Lower
    Cretaceous, Northwest Overton: Haynesville Lime & Cotton Valley Sands and
    Webster Parish resource play
  • Coalbed methane in the Cherokee Basin of SE

Well Completions and Workover Projects

  • Palo Pinto Lime Reef wells in Jones County, TX
  • Mooringsport, Glen Rose and Fredericksburg
    wells in Panola/Harrison Co, TX
  • Yates/ Tansill recompletions and new drills in
    Winkler Co., TX

Expert Witness Experience

  • July, 1986 Docket No.40, 805, Harrison Co, TX
    Bert Fields, Jr. vs. Jeanne Fields et al Agency 71st Judicial District
  • October, 1986, Docket No.6-88, 965, Michael H.
    Shelby to Re-class Vance 1-T from Gas to Oil
  • March, 1987, Docket No. 6-90,073, SMK Net GOR
    for Hightower No. 1
  • March, 1987, Docket No. 6-90,074, SMK Temp.
    Field Rules Mattie (Travis Peak) Field
  • June, 1987, Docket No. 6-90,574, SMK Net GOR
    Waskom Mattie (Travis Peak)
  • June, 1988, Docket No. 6-92,099, TXO Downhole
  • June, 1988, Docket No.6-89,689 Docket No.6-89,
    711, Docket No. 6-89,780, Commission Called Waskom (Sanders Sand)
  • August, 1989, Docket No.6-93,539, Field Rule
    Review Waskom (Travis Peak, Charlsie)
  • April, 1990, Docket No. 900341, Harrison Co.,
    TX71st Judicial District Agency Channel Production vs. Jeanne Fields Shelby
    et al
  • May, 1990, Docket Nos. 106,878 and 106,869,
    Rule 37 O’Banion Nos. 5 & 6
  • July, 1990, Docket No. 6-98215, RBD-Shelby
    Agency Waskom (Travis Peak 1) Field Rules
  • June, 1994, Docket No. 6-02055241, Hopewell to
    Amend Waskom (Hill) Field Rules
  • January, 1995, Docket No. 6-0207769, SW Rule
    10, Downhole Comm. Rudd #3
  • March, 1995, Docket No.95369-803, New Field
    Designation Waskom (Travis Pk, Jernigan)
  • July, 1995, Docket No.95369-975, New Field
    Designation Waskom (Woolworth Sand)
  • December, 1996, Docket Nos. 96-0903 96-0902,
    Harrison Co., TX., Shelby/Hopewell vs. Pennzoil Exploration & Prod. 71st
    Judicial District Contractual; Farm-out and Drainage
  • September, 1997, Docket No. 6-0217495, Hopewell
    Net GOR Waskom (Woolworth Sand) Field
  • March, 1998, Docket No. 7C-0218958, Hopewell
    Amend Field Rules Norton N. (Capps) Field
  • June, 1998, Docket No. 7C-0219608, Hopewell Net
    GOR Norton N. (Capps) Field
  • Fall, 2001, Grayson Co., TX, Charles Stevenson
    Salt Water Damages, Settled out of court
  • Spring 2005, Grayson Co, TX, Woodward & Shaw
    Rep. Client with Lease Perpetuation Rights, Settled Out of Court
  • July, 2010, Grayson Co., TX, Cause No.
    06-1846-59, Foxworth-Galbraith Lumber Company vs. Lloyd Plyler Construction
  • September, 2013, Harrison Co., TX, Cause No.
    11-0849, Noel Diane Jones, et al v. Petrohawk Properties, L.P. and P-H
    Energy, LLC
  • May, 2014, Leon Co., TX, Cause No. NOT-14-12,
    RR Prince Ranch SWD Limited vs. William O. Wiley, Shirley Wiley, and William
    O. Wiley d/b/a/ WEN-BE