Groundwater Training Center

In 2020, Carol and David started installing groundwater monitoring wells at the ranch so that students could come out and learn hands-on about aquifer testing. It’s free. The center is named in honor of Dr. Edward C. Roy Jr., who was a great mentor to David at Trinity University. Dr. Roy died of cancer in 2007. You can read more about the center on Trinity University’s website.

Help get the word out so that universities can take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

View of Trinity University students monitoring the static fluid level in a pumping well at the Edward C. Roy Jr. Groundwater Training Center (GWTC).

Trinity students prepare to deploy a slug during slug testing into a groundwater monitoring well at the GWTC.

View of Trinity students and Nellie (GWTC security personnel) measuring fluid levels during a slug test in a groundwater monitoring well.

View of Trinity students conducting a pump test utilizing a stainless steel Monsoon® Pump. The pump test will be utilized to compare hydraulic conductivity values determined during the slug testing of groundwater monitoring wells.

After a hard day’s work, Trinity students will be treated to Texas barbeque including brisket, chicken, sausage, ribs, slaw, beans, and potato salad.

View of Trinity students utilizing a YSI® flowthrough cell to test groundwater quality during a pump test.

Students applied slug test data to different models such as the Hvorslev method vs. Bower and Rice.

Students also conducted groundwater quality analysis using various methods.

Students are determining the dissolved iron and sulfide concentrations in a groundwater sample.

A view of students collecting a groundwater sample for analysis.