Oil & Gas

Asset Management

  • Operations & regulatory compliance consulting
  • Railroad Commission & civil court expert testimony and case support
  • Well production efficiency evaluations & re-completions
  • Exploring Potential Zones in Other Horizons Through Mapping, X-sections and isopach maps

Asset Evaluation

  • Geologic assessment & correlation of offset production
  • Reservoir engineering drainage calculations
  • Expert Testimony

Prospect Evaluation

  • Prospect evaluation
  • Open/cased-hole log evaluations
  • Geologic assessments; mapping, X-sections & correlations
  • Seismic data evaluation
  • Reservoir engineering assessments


A Sample of Our Work

East Texas Minerals Evaluation

Technical support in the evaluation of over 7,000 acres of oil and gas properties. Carol facilitated the negotiations and sale of the properties throughout the entire process.


Horizontal Drilling in Southeastern Kansas, Cherokee Basin

Managed subcontractors in the drilling and completion of a horizontal well near Iola, Kansas. The well was completed in a coal seam to extract methane gas.


Development of East Texas Cotton Valley Wells

Provided log evaluation and completion recommendations including reservoir mapping an location proposals.

Prospect Generation in Waskom, Woodlawn, Gooch, Rodessa, Minden, and Overton Fields in Texas

Developed prospective areas over thousands of acres of oil and gas minerals which have been leased and drilled with an 87% success ratio.


Provides well site assistance including logging, drill stem testing and coring throughout Texas and southeastern Kansas.

Expert Testimony

Has served as an expert witness in dozens of cases concerning field rules, spacing exceptions, correlative rights, lease perpetuation and new field designations in East Texas and Fort Worth Basin areas.

Groundwater and Surface Water Intrusion at a Warehouse Facility in North Texas

Conducted surface drainage and subsurface groundwater investigation to solve a flooding problem at a warehouse facility in northern Texas. Seven groundwater observation wells were installed in two shallow horizons; unconsolidated clayey soils and weathered Austin Chalk. The problem was solved by regrading the site and rerouting downspouts to channel water away from the building structure.